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I specialize in leadership development and executive coaching.
Looking to develop your confidence? Strengthen your team and relationships? Strike a healthy work-life balance?
Position your experience and skillset for success?

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I offer one-on-one coaching over the phone, video conference, or at my office in San Diego.

Leadership + Executive Coaching

I help busy leaders refine their leadership skills and take their teams and organizations to the next level. I’m particularly passionate about helping leaders accelerate their performance, manage their stress, and develop leadership presence, confidence, effectiveness, resilience, and communication skills.

Personality and 360 Assessments

Learn about your natural capabilities with the Workplace Big Five Profile, which reveals an individual’s five super traits and 23 subtraits. The Workplace Big 5 Model has been shown to maximize engagement, boost performance, and help people optimize their energy.

I also facilitate in-depth 360-degree feedback to help executives and leaders gain a full picture of their development needs and blind spots, how they are perceived, and what they need to shift in order to achieve a higher level of performance and positive impact.

Career Coaching

I help clients get clear on their career path and mission in life, and then create an action plan to move toward a promotion or forward in a new direction. Gain clear direction and learn tools to position yourself for professional success and fulfillment.

Life Coaching

I help people manage stress, get “unstuck”, revive their relationships, become more present, and move past stagnancies in their lives. If you’re looking to find more balance, fulfillment, ease, and meaning, I’d love to support you.

Group and Online Leadership Programs

I’m currently developing a course for leaders in San Diego, CA. Drop me a note and let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll be sure to get in touch when registration opens!

*Stay tuned for other group coaching and online offerings!

Workshops and Keynotes

I have led workshops, presented keynotes at conferences, and sat on panel discussions on the topics of mindfulness and leadership. Get in touch to discuss the needs of your audience!


"Over the five months I've been working with Melissa, I've gotten clarity on what's most important to me in life and how I should be spending my time and energy. I've made a decision about the direction of my career and feel confident about where I'm heading. I've also learned to manage the overwhelming stress that used to be pervasive in my life. Overall, I feel happier and more at ease in my life and my career."
~Austin, Boulder CO, Entrepreneur

"Since I started my work with Melissa, I have experienced some major transformations in how I lead my team. My employees are all gushing about how I've changed and become more effective. She has helped me see things ... see myself and my role and how I interact with others differently. She's REALLY good and I'm so glad I have her as my coach!"
~Henry, Phoenix AZ, Senior Director

"Melissa was very helpful in helping me get on track with my personal and professional goals. She asked powerful questions and got me thinking about the challenges I've been struggling with in a new light. Our succinct sessions gave me the nudge I needed to get motivated!"

~Lucy, Miami FL, General Manager


"Melissa is a patient and receptive listener. She led me through our sessions with an open heart and very practical tools to use in everyday life. With our time together I was able to look at some issues in my life with a different perspective. The transformation and perspective I gained from my time with Melissa was just what I needed to help me make small but impactful changes in my life."
~Amy, San Diego CA, Yoga Instructor

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Trained and certified by Newfield Network and certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). 

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