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I specialize in leadership development and executive coaching.
Looking to develop your confidence? Strengthen your team and relationships? Strike a healthy work-life balance?
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I offer one-on-one and group leadership and executive coaching over the phone, zoom, or at my office in San Diego.

Leadership + Executive Coaching

I help busy leaders refine their leadership skills and take their teams and organizations to the next level. I’m particularly passionate about helping leaders accelerate their performance, manage their stress, and develop executive presence, confidence, effectiveness, resilience, and communication skills.

Personality and 360 Assessments

Learn about your natural capabilities with the Workplace Big Five Profile, which reveals an individual’s five super traits and 23 subtraits. The Workplace Big 5 Model has been shown to maximize engagement, boost performance, and help people optimize their energy.

I also facilitate in-depth 360-degree feedback to help executives and leaders gain a full picture of their development needs and blind spots, how they are perceived, and what they need to shift in order to achieve a higher level of performance and positive impact.

Group Coaching

Join the Next Coaching Collective Cohort! Every 6 months, I enroll a group of superstar entrepreneurs and leaders to join a mastermind-like coaching cohort. The group consists of 7 to 10 high-achievers who are hungry to grow, scale, and succeed in their individual pursuits — in a supportive, motivating community.

*Spring 2020 cohort is filled. Contact me to learn more and get on the waiting list to apply for the next one!

**If you have a group of entrepreneurs, business owners, visionaries, or leaders that need structure, support, facilitation, and coaching, get in touch and let's discuss!

Workshops and Keynotes

I have led workshops, presented keynotes at conferences, and sat on panel discussions on topics related to leadership development, resilience, mindfulness, executive presence, and communication skills. Get in touch to discuss the needs of your audience!


“I worked with Melissa as I transitioned into the role of CEO at my company, LitLife. Melissa provided invaluable advice on managing a team, business development and internal systems and structures at a time when I really needed the support! Working with Melissa was more than just a check-in. She pushed my thinking and ensured that my working style was taken into account when we made plans - everything we did was tailored to my authentic style of leadership, which allowed me to integrate all my learning in a sustainable and ongoing way. I highly recommend working with Melissa to gain clarity, move your work forward and gain an accountability and thought partner along the way!”

~Talia Kovacs, CEO at LitLife / New York, NY / 2020

“I have worked well with Melissa in previous organizations, so when I was facing large-scale changes and important decisions in my career, I knew I wanted to hire her as my coach. In just three months, Melissa helped me develop the courage to have the difficult conversations (that I had been avoiding) with my team members, design a framework to make high-stakes decisions, create and respect my own boundaries, and learn to approach challenging situations with curiosity and an open mind - which has been incredibly impactful in my work and relationships since then. Melissa also helped me create and maintain smarter schedules so that I could make more progress on my personal business. Our coaching engagement also happened to be during the COVID-19 pandemic, and I was struggling with the amount of uncertainty in my life (and in the world), which she also helped me move through in a healthier, lighter, more positive way. If you’re looking to make tangible changes in your business and career, I highly recommend working with Melissa as your executive coach.”

~Katerina Suchkova, Product Leader at 15Five and Business Owner / San Diego, CA / 2020

“I have had professional coaching in the past but recently found myself in need of a refresher. I hired Melissa to help with a career transition and she did not disappoint! She helped me step into a new higher profile role with confidence, gaining both visibility and authority as well as a better sense of my own career ambitions. In just a few short months, I can proudly say that I’ve accomplished my goals as well as established a trajectory for the future. I’ve embraced my new role as a leader of a larger team by running more effective meetings and focusing my team members' strengths to advance projects. As a bonus, I also was able to develop and maintain a new exercise routine with Melissa holding me accountable. In just 7 sessions, my confidence, leadership skills, and team dynamics have come a long way and I’m so grateful for that rapid progress. Melissa was quite attuned to picking up on things that need to be discussed and holding me accountable to my high-level goals. I’d definitely recommend her as a leadership and executive coach.”

~Richard Myers, Principal Scientist at Takeda Pharmaceuticals / San Diego, CA / 2020

“Melissa is awesome! I have been working with her as my leadership coach for four months now, and she has helped me tremendously already. She has helped me communicate my thoughts and feelings more clearly with my family, which has bettered my home life. She has helped me with stress-relief techniques for my high-stress job. She has also helped me with body and facial positioning in order to be sure that my tone over the phone and in person is read in a way so I build trust with my clients. I have seen positive feedback in all areas she has helped me with so far, and again, it's only been four months! Hire her!”

~Greg Tanzer, Managing Director at First Republic Bank / Boston, MA / 2018

“Words cannot express how wonderful Melissa is to work with! Melissa has helped me gain insight on what I really want to do as I progress in my career and helped me develop skills that I need as a business owner and leader. Before Melissa began her coaching career, I reported directly to her for 4 years at the Active Network where she challenged and pushed me to gain confidence, think outside the box, and fine-tune my skills. Her management style motivated me to hone my skills and work my way up in the company. When I found out that Melissa was transitioning into leadership coaching, I immediately reached out to her. Melissa helped me get clear on the steps I needed to take in order to take my business to the next level, and we worked on developing my motivation, morning routine, and confidence, which were holding me back in my career. She is not afraid to push you and help you achieve success. Melissa held me accountable and helped me see the positive in areas that I was once scared of in my career. I'm on a better path now, and I'll partner with Melissa again. Working with her has been such a wonderful impact on my life, both professionally and personally.”

~Fara Rosenzweig, Head of Content at ManyChat / San Francisco, CA / 2018

"Over the five months I've been working with Melissa, I've gotten clarity on what's most important to me in life and how I should be spending my time and energy. I've made a decision about the direction of my career and feel confident about where I'm heading. I've also learned to manage the overwhelming stress that used to be pervasive in my life. Overall, I feel happier and more at ease in my life and my career." 
~Austin M., Entrepreneur / Boulder, CO / 2017

"Since I started my work with Melissa, I have experienced some major transformations in how I lead my team. My employees are all gushing about how I've changed and become more effective. She has helped me see things ... see myself and my role and how I interact with others differently. She's REALLY good and I'm so glad I have her as my coach!" 
~Henry R., Senior Director at Infusionsoft / Phoenix, AZ / 2017


"Melissa was very helpful in helping me get on track with my personal and professional goals. She asked powerful questions and got me thinking about the challenges I've been struggling with in a new light. Our succinct sessions gave me the nudge I needed to get motivated!"

~Lucy M., General Manager / Miami, FL / 2017

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