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Melissa Eisler
Newfield Certified Coach (NCC)

Trained and certified as a professional coach by Newfield Network, a program accredited by the International Coach Federation, I am dedicated to helping people reach their highest potential. In my coaching practice, I blend more than a decade of experience in the corporate world with my background in mindfulness, management, and leadership to guide clients to find or reignite balance, purpose, and productivity in their lives.

I have always been fascinated by human behavior, cultures, and the way people live, work, and communicate in different parts of the world—and what we can learn from our differences to apply to our own communities and lives. I have traveled to more than 35 countries, speak two languages, and feel that travel has enabled me to broaden my perspective in valuable ways.

I have spent more than 15 years as a content and marketing strategist and writer, focused on the health and wellness space. I’m an avid learner in the arenas of nutrition, leadership, and personal development, and have been teaching yoga and mindfulness since 2011. I’m also author of the book The Type A’s Guide to Mindfulness: Meditation for Busy Minds and Busy People.

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in transformation and personal growth. My own experiences and transitions through loss, grief, careers, and relationships have fueled my desire to step out of my comfort zone, overcome my fears, and search for meaning—and help others do the same.

I specialize in career coaching, personal development and empowerment, leadership development, and helping successful people position themselves to be even more successful. This includes helping clients find the right career path, strike a healthy work-life balance, and position their experience and skillset for personal and professional fulfillment.

My favorite part of coaching is watching my clients shift their perspectives to expose possibilities they weren't able to see before and achieve results that they thought were out of reach. It is a true gift to be able to motivate people to live healthier and more balanced, purposeful lives—to design the lives they truly want to be living.

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Articles by Melissa

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    It can feel daunting to attempt to break a bad habit that’s been a part of you for years. Try this seven-step plan to nip it in the bud – once and for all. […]

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    The incomplete tasks on your to-do list follow you around, yell at you, and stress you out. Follow these seven steps to cross off those items and find relief from the shackles of your to-do list. […]

  • Embracing Curiosity
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    Developing your curiosity muscles builds excellent problem-solving skills, stronger outcomes – and can be really fun. Here are three exercises to practice embracing curiosity in your life. […]

  • Quiz: How Burned Out Are You?
    by Melissa Eisler September 16, 2017

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed, but don’t know how to end the cycle of stress, you may be burned out. Take this mini quiz to find out where you are on the burnout scale – and get some ideas for what you can do about it to help you find more balance. […]

  • Choose Your Mood Wisely
    by Melissa Eisler September 9, 2017

    Whether you have a large or small reason for being in a funk, you have the power to shift your attitude. Follow these four steps to choose your mood so it’s helpful to you and accomplishing your goals. […]

  • 6-Step Plan to Design a Balanced Calendar
    by Melissa Eisler July 13, 2017

    What is the cost of being so busy? If you find yourself drowning in a packed calendar and want to break the habit, follow these steps to tune into what matters most and design your time accordingly. […]

  • 7 Tips to Prepare Your Mind to Focus
    by Melissa Eisler June 6, 2017

    Distractions derail you from tackling your to-do list. Here are seven ways to minimize the interruptions you encounter when you’re sitting down to concentrate so you can stay in the zone. […]

  • 11 Steps to Overcome Imposter Syndrome
    by Melissa Eisler February 24, 2017

    The voice inside your head claims you’re not good enough, not qualified, and don’t deserve your achievements. You just don’t understand how you’re so successful; Everyone will figure you out as a fraud sooner or later. Does this inner dialogue sound familiar? If so, you may have imposter syndrome. Here's how to deal with it. […]

  • 13 Productivity Hacks to Save You Time and Energy
    by Melissa Eisler February 3, 2017

    What would you give to work less, but actually accomplish the same amount of work? Here are some time-saving tools to reduce your hours at the office, but still be a productive rock star. […]

  • 18 Insightful Questions to Help You Steer Your Year
    by Melissa Eisler December 24, 2016

    There’s no better time than the beginning of the year to assess how things are going, reset your intentions, and find focus. Take some time to consider these important questions to make sure you’re participating in the direction of your life. […]

Trained by Newfield Network, an accredited coach training program with the International Coach Federation.

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