Become a more effective & inspiring leader
Develop your confidence & leadership presence
Improve your communication skills

My Mission

I partner with leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs to help them strengthen their impact and become more effective and present leaders. 

Why Partner with Me as Your Coach?

If you’re looking to work your way up, change direction, or take your leadership skills to the next level, I would be thrilled to support you. I partner with clients to develop confidence, improve communication skills, and become more effective at achieving the things they want to achieve.

Become a Stronger Leader

Raise team performance and employee motivation

Improve Your Communication 

Hone listening, non-verbal, and effective communication skills

Develop Self-Confidence

Boost decision-making skills and banish self-doubt

Overcome Obstacles & Get "Unstuck"

Move past roadblocks or stagnancies

Manage Time, Energy & Goals

Optimize productivity and develop accountability

Clarify Your Career Path

Create an action plan to move forward in the right direction

Strike a Healthy Work-Life Balance 

Manage stress and improve overall well-being and happiness levels

About Melissa

As an ICF Certified Leadership and Executive Coach (ACC, NCC) I work with leaders who want to strengthen their impact, effectiveness, and leadership presence. I blend 15 years of experience in the corporate world with my background in mindfulness to help my clients explore, discover, and achieve.


Professional Coaching Services

I offer one-on-one coaching over the phone, video chat, or in the San Diego area.

Leadership Development Coaching

 Executive Coaching

Mastermind Group Coaching

Communication Coaching

Personal and Professional Transitions

Personality Assessments and 360 Assessments


"Over the five months I've been working with Melissa, I've gotten clarity on what's most important to me in life and how I should be spending my time and energy. I've made a decision about the direction of my career and feel confident about where I'm heading. I've also learned to manage the overwhelming stress that used to be pervasive in my life. Overall, I feel happier and more at ease in my life and my career."
~Austin, Boulder CO, Entrepreneur

"Since I started my work with Melissa, I have experienced some major transformations in how I lead my team. My employees are all gushing about how I've changed and become more effective. She has helped me see things ... see myself and my role and how I interact with others differently. She's REALLY good and I'm so glad I have her as my coach!"
~Henry, Phoenix AZ, Senior Director

"Melissa was very helpful in helping me get on track with my personal and professional goals. She asked powerful questions and got me thinking about the challenges I've been struggling with in a new light. Our succinct sessions gave me the nudge I needed to get motivated!"

~Lucy, Miami FL, General Manager


"Melissa is a patient and receptive listener. She led me through our sessions with an open heart and very practical tools to use in everyday life. With our time together I was able to look at some issues in my life with a different perspective. The transformation and perspective I gained from my time with Melissa was just what I needed to help me make small but impactful changes in my life."
~Amy, San Diego CA, Yoga Instructor

Professional coaching maximizes productivity and effectiveness. Studies say that people who hire a certified coach experience...


Improved Work Performance


Improved Work/Life Balance


Improved Self-Confidence


Improved Time Management


Improved Relationships


Improved Communication Skills

*Source: International Coach Federation Global Coaching Client Study

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Trained and certified by Newfield Network and certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF).


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