Become a more effective & inspiring leader

Develop your confidence & executive presence

Master your communication skills

Why Partner with Me as Your Coach?

I partner with leaders ranging from C-suite and executive management to entrepreneur, from Fortune 500 companies to startups and non-profits, to become more effective at achieving the things they want to achieve by developing their leadership capacities:

Master Productive Communication Skills

Hone listening, non-verbal, and strategic communication skills

Cultivate Strategic, Design, & Systems Thinking

Develop a systems mindset to solve complex problems. 

Develop Confidence & Leadership Presence

Boost decision-making skills. Banish self-doubt. Gain influence

Uncover Blind Spots 

Gain perspective, awareness, and self-reflective capacities

Build Better Relationships & a Stronger Team

Develop your interpersonal skills. Raise team performance and employee motivation

Navigate VUCA

Learn to manage organizational change and VUCA - Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity

Gain Power & Influence

Expand your strategic influence and persuasion abilities

Manage Time, Energy, & Goals

Optimize productivity and develop accountability 

Build Resilience Muscles

Develop mental fitness and increase capacity to handle stress and burnout

About Melissa Eisler, MA, PCC

As an ICF Certified Executive Coach, Melissa works with leaders to develop their strategic and systems thinking, communication skills, executive presence, and resilience in order to reach individual, team, and organizational goals. Melissa is passionate about supporting leaders and teams on their growth journeys toward greater impact, more collaborative teams, and stronger results. Her experience includes coaching leaders ranging from C-suite and executive management to entrepreneur, from Fortune 500 companies to startups, and across diverse industries. 

Melissa About

I’ve gotten value in every dimension of my role as CEO

"The changes I’ve made in my role of CEO over the last six months with Melissa's help have been really tremendous, and I would not have been able to make all the progress I made without her support as my executive coach. My ability to problem solve, build confidence and courage, level up my mindset, and initiate difficult conversations transformed while working with a coach. I've gotten value in every dimension of my role as CEO — from the relationships I have with my board, to defining my leadership values and living them, to structuring my team and org chart, to tackling bigger challenges that seemed insurmountable just six months ago. I have appreciated the recommended readings, the thought partnership, the probing questions, the perspective, and I now have a whole set of tools I can lean on for support. I definitely see a major difference in who I was six months ago and who I am now in this role, and I’m looking forward to a continued partnership with her as my executive coach."

Jaclyn P
Jaclyn Pascocello
CEO at Heywear, New York, NY

Provided invaluable advice on managing a team

"I worked with Melissa as I transitioned into the role of CEO at my company, LitLife. Melissa provided invaluable advice on managing a team, business development and internal systems and structures at a time when I really needed the support! Working with Melissa was more than just a check-in. She pushed my thinking and ensured that my working style was taken into account when we made plans - everything we did was tailored to my authentic style of leadership, which allowed me to integrate all my learning in a sustainable and ongoing way. I highly recommend working with Melissa to gain clarity, move your work forward and gain an accountability and thought partner along the way!"

Talia Kovacs
CEO at LitLife, New York, NY

Uncover deeper cognitive blockages

"Need to make objective progress? Melissa Eisler can help you do that and more. Melissa supported me over a 6-month Executive Coaching program starting in January 2020. I initially started with her to keep me accountable to my specific personal goals and to help me improve in my role as Director of Marketing Operations at Confirm BioSciences, but I quickly found that working with Melissa would positively impact me more significantly than I had imagined. Melissa’s process and ability to uncover deeper cognitive “blockages” help me discover unconscious reasons why I’d historically had trouble achieving many of my plans. During our coaching sessions, she helped me create practices to manage or eliminate my self-inflicted limitations. Melissa truly focused on what I wanted to achieve and helped set me up for success, even after our coaching engagement came to a close. I can honestly say that I have evolved a great deal as a leader, a professional, and in many areas of my personal life. I know I will continue using the lessons and tools I learned for years to come. I’m delighted to give Melissa Eisler my highest recommendation, for anyone with a desire to make positive change and achieve their goals."

Javier Castillo
Director of Marketing Operations at
Confirm BioSciences, San Diego, CA

Melissa really has a knack for helping me focus

"Melissa - Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so grateful to have connected with Melissa - my coaching engagement was very productive and positive. When I hired Melissa, I was feeling stuck in my career and had a number of important decisions before me. After only three months with Melissa, I was not only able to make those decisions but also feel really good about them. One of the challenges I was dealing with was second guessing the decisions I was making, which kept me feeling stuck in a "hamster wheel". Now I have tools to productively work with my negative thoughts and transform them into something more positive. I also learned how important my physical body language is in my reactions and behavior, and how to become more aware of it. Melissa really has a knack for helping me focus on whatever issue is really going on, and prodding me to come up with a tangible solution or ideas or tools that I could follow or use. She made me focus on what was most pressing in the moment, and then held me accountable to what we discovered and planned together. Overall, I’m feeling more positive and accomplished and although I am pausing for now, I am sure I’ll work with Melissa again in the future."

Vidya Rao
Engineering Management Leader, Teradata, San Diego, CA

Helped me step into a new higher profile role with confidence

"I have had professional coaching in the past but recently found myself in need of a refresher. I hired Melissa to help with a career transition and she did not disappoint! She helped me step into a new higher profile role with confidence, gaining both visibility and authority as well as a better sense of my own career ambitions. In just a few short months, I can proudly say that I’ve accomplished my goals as well as established a trajectory for the future. I’ve embraced my new role as a leader of a larger team by running more effective meetings and focusing my team members' strengths to advance projects. As a bonus, I also was able to develop and maintain a new exercise routine with Melissa holding me accountable. In just 7 sessions, my confidence, leadership skills, and team dynamics have come a long way and I’m so grateful for that rapid progress. Melissa was quite attuned to picking up on things that need to be discussed and holding me accountable to my high-level goals. I’d definitely recommend her as a leadership and executive coach."

Richard Myers
Associate Director at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, San Diego, CA

Melissa helped me develop the courage to have the difficult conversations

"I have worked well with Melissa in previous organizations, so when I was facing large-scale changes and important decisions in my career, I knew I wanted to hire her as my coach. In just three months, Melissa helped me develop the courage to have the difficult conversations (that I had been avoiding) with my team members, design a framework to make high-stakes decisions, create and respect my own boundaries, and learn to approach challenging situations with curiosity and an open mind - which has been incredibly impactful in my work and relationships since then. Melissa also helped me create and maintain smarter schedules so that I could make more progress on my personal business. Our coaching engagement also happened to be during the COVID-19 pandemic, and I was struggling with the amount of uncertainty in my life (and in the world), which she also helped me move through in a healthier, lighter, more positive way. If you’re looking to make tangible changes in your business and career, I highly recommend working with Melissa as your executive coach."

Katerina Suchkova
Product Leader at 15Five and Business Owner, San Diego, CA

Professional Coaching Services

I offer one-on-one and group coaching over the phone, Zoom, or in the San Diego area.

Executive Coaching

Leadership Development Training

Leadership Consulting

Mastermind Group Coaching

Mindful Leadership Training

Leadership Profiles and 360 Assessments

Professional coaching maximizes productivity and effectiveness. Studies say that people who hire a certified coach experience these positive impacts  ...


↑ Improved Work Performance


 Improved Relationships


↑ Self-Confidence


 Improved Business Management


Communication Skills


Said that they would repeat the coaching experience

*Source: International Coach Federation Global Coaching Client Study

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